CUMAb Frequently asked questions

**If you have specific questions that were not addressed in our about page, help boxes for each submission parameter or here, feel free to write us and we will add them.

Can I run CUMAb without a structure of the antibody?

No, CUMAb requires a structure of the antibody Fv. However, if you don’t have a structure, we recommend to use the ColabFold webserver (ColabFold) to generate a model for the antibody and then submit this to CUMAb. We advise to model the antibody using AlphaFold-multimer, which means that in the “query sequence” field you should put both chains separated by a colon.

How much time does a CUMAb calculation take?

The time required for CUMAb to complete a calculation depends on the number of other queries running in parallel. You may receive the output email within a few hours or within 1-2 days. If after 2 days you haven't received the output email please contact us.

Can I submit a PSE file created by PyMOL?

No. You can't submit a PSE file.